About us

Two young Danish engineers Svend Olufsen and Peter Bang founded the company, and they met at the engineering college in arhus, and at the time, they had a keen interest in the new media, the radio, and they are keen to make the best radio. They both love to build a company and they have been very supportive of their families. On November 17, 1925, Bang & Olufsen was founded, borrowing from the Olufsen family of Struer family.


Bang & Olufsen of Denmark, which is called beautiful audio, pursues ‘design for function, not design for design’. In other words, each design of Bang-Aul Lupuson focuses on expressing the personality of the product and improving its function.


Bang & Olufsen was awarded the Design Award by the European Design Association for 90 times and was recognized for its excellence in the field of design. It was held at the New York Museum of Contemporary Art (MOMA) in 1972, There were 11 products on display in the design collection.


Design, people usually think of furniture and electronics first, but when you look around, it is not hard to find that a product of great design is enjoying everywhere in your life.


In keeping with its high reputation, Power Audio promises the best service as a supplier of Bang & Olufsen.