Privacy Policy

Privacy Statement

[Overview of Privacy Policy]


‘Poweraudio’ means that the member will be able to use the ‘poweraudio shop’

Order, acceptance, payment, and order delivery

We collect the minimum information required to use the convenience service.

The personal information of all customers registered as a member of ‘poweraudio’ can not be used except for the purpose stated above, but when the purpose and purpose of the member’s personal information is changed

All members who are registered as ‘poweraudio’ will ask for their consent.


[Collection and Use of Personal Information]


‘Poweraudio’ collects the least amount of information with the consent of the user to provide more convenient company services. This is because ‘poweraudio’ requires customer information to provide services. In addition, ‘poweraudio’ is used to process various services requested by users, handling business with domestic and foreign related organizations, customized services for members,

We use personal information for the purpose of charge settlement.


[Collection of personal information]


Mandatory members who are provided to provide services to ‘poweraudio’ members

The information is as follows.

① Name

② Resident registration number

③ E-mail address

④ Password

⑤ Address

⑥ Phone number


The exact order you want when ordering and receiving some goods and services

You need to know the details and order additional information for smooth ordering and payment and delivery.

There is.

In the case of withdrawal of ‘poweraudio’ member or loss of membership according to Article 7 (2) of ‘poweraudio’ Terms of Use, the personal information of the customer held by ‘poweraudio’

It is destroyed.


[How to collect personal information]


‘Poweraudio’ means that when a user joins a member to use the service

Essential information for providing is the website (membership, public bulletin board,


In addition, ‘poweraudio’ may ask users to provide personal information for the payment of prizes or analysis of statistics when conducting events, surveys and other events.

‘Poweraudio’ will ask for prior consent when requesting separate customer information.

‘Poweraudio’ does not use your information for any purpose other than this purpose and does not disclose it to a third party without your consent.


[Personal Information Retention and Use Period]


‘Poweraudio’ means that during the period when a user joins as a member and uses the service

We hold and manage personal information of users. If you ask to withdraw your membership, or if you withdraw your consent to the collection and use of your personal information, we will destroy the personal information without delay.


[Destruction of personal information]


‘Poweraudio Shop’ can access personal information from ‘poweraudio’ whenever you want and you can edit the required information. In addition, you can always view, edit, or delete any additional information that is not required to you during registration.

If you change or delete your personal information and withdraw from membership by phone,

You can always unsubscribe.


[Security and management measures for protecting personal information of members]


‘Poweraudio’ is not responsible for loss, theft, leakage, tampering, or damage to your personal information.

The following technical measures are taken to ensure safety.

Your personal information can be accessed using your member ID and password.

Therefore, the member ID and password should never be given to others,

It is recommended that you change it periodically. Also, after using services in public places

In addition to logging out, please be sure to close your browser to ensure security.

‘Poweraudio’ uses a web server authentication system in addition to a password to protect personal information and a separate security module for payment.

Personal information is securely stored in the company’s database and can only be accessed by authorized administrators.


[Installation, operation and rejection of automatic collection device of personal information]


  1. Purpose of Cookie Operation and Use

It uses the poweraudio services visited by users, visits and usage of websites, security access, and the size of the users to provide optimized information to users.

You have the option of installing cookies. As a result, you can allow all cookies by setting options in your web browser, check each time a cookie is saved, or refuse to save all cookies.

To deny cookies, you can either allow all cookies, check each time you save cookies, or refuse to save all cookies by selecting the option for your web browser.

Example of setting method (for Internet explorer):

Tools> Internet Options> Privacy at the top of your web browser

※ However, if you refuse to store cookies, some services of ‘poweraudio’ that require login may be difficult to use.


  1. Network security

‘Poweraudio’ is equipped with advanced server and network security systems.

– ‘poweraudio’ adopts strong 128bit SSL encryption.


  1. Internal security measures

‘Poweraudio’ limits the number of people who can handle customer’s personal information to minimum and regularly and irregular security education is given to the personnel. In addition, the system that can read your personal information has a secondary encryption system and thoroughly isolates it from the external network to cope with external intrusion and internal intrusion.


[Consignment processing of personal information]


‘Poweraudio shopping mall’ will send your information to external suppliers without your consent.

I will not charge. If such a need arises in the future,

We will notify you about your request and we will get your prior consent if necessary.


[Providing personal information]


The ‘poweraudio shopping mall’ does not, in principle, provide the user’s personal information outside.

However, except as follows.

– When users have agreed in advance

– In accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations or for the purpose of investigation, if there is a request from the investigating agency in accordance with procedures and methods prescribed in the Act.


[Civil Service on Personal Information]


‘Poweraudio Shop’ is a service that protects your personal information and complains about personal information.

To deal with this, we have designated the related department and personal information manager as follows.

+ Customer Service

+ Name: Park Jung-geun / + Position: Representative

+ E-mail:

+ Phone number: 02-482-5525

+ Fax number: 02-337-4751