BeoLab 17 Black

5,345 $

(Tiếng Việt) Chân đứng : 12.170.000 VND

Bệ đứng : 6.100.000 VND

Bệ treo tường : 6.100.000 VND



Product Name: Beolab 17

Product Description & Features:
Perfect combination of aluminum and composite material – BeoLab 17

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology has been implemented with wireless speakers, the biggest disadvantage of the degradation of sound quality and disconnected.
One of Bang & Olufsen’s technology-intensive IWS lines, seeking sound without loss.

Currently, it is designed by Torsten Valeur who is a small one.
The combination of Broken Ice cover with the motif of the sea ice phenomenon on the exterior made up of only three basic shapes of triangle, square and circle can feel the essence of simple yet unique Scandinavian design.
The cover is available in various colors such as blue, broken ice black, broken ice white, and broken ice blue in addition to smooth white and black colors.

The loudspeaker cover with red sensuality and sophisticated silver colored aluminum frame meet the speakers.
The unique design combining the three shapes of triangle, square, and circle is a noticeable interior space when placed in a modern space.

It is also an excellent object to tell the host’s musical level and taste around when a guest is visiting the house.
If you’re having a small home party this fall, the rich sound from BeoLab 17 will attract the attention of guests.


With Bang & Olufsen’s proprietary technology and moving technology, it solves the shortcomings of sound quality, which is the biggest disadvantage of wireless speakers, and realizes sound without losing the original sound.
320W rich sound, can be configured up to 7.1 channels.


BeoLab 17 is a wireless speaker that provides harmonious sound and expression regardless of placement.

Traction sound
It’s a rugged and impressive speaker that delivers powerful sound beyond its size.

Design Breakout
Rigid and solid geometry appears in myriad expressions.

Wireless harmony
Lost speaker cable and enjoy wireless music.
The ability to place BeoLab 17 anywhere opens an exciting new way to live with sound. It fits or shines. You decide.

New wireless speaker platforms based on innovative WiSA technology bring wireless audio performance to a whole new level with unprecedented sound quality.
WiSA operates on a 5 GHz wireless U-NII frequency spectrum that is not affected by interference from existing wireless networks.
Combined with 24-bit uncompressed audio quality, the perception of wireless sound is fully redefined.
Immaculate Wireless Sound lets you find and connect to nearby WiSA-compliant TV or A / V receivers, whether you have Bang & Olufsen or not, with just one power cable.


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