BeoLab 18

9,615 $

(Tiếng Việt) Chân thường : 218.850.000 VND

Giá đỡ treo tường : 9.000.000 VND



Product Name: Beolab 18

Product Description & Features:

The lower part of the Bellep 18 is like a ballerina with a tiptoe.
Tip TORAN, refers to the movement of the ballerina lightly to the toes.
The design, which is reminiscent of the elegance of ballerinas, combines exquisite harmony with solid aluminum.

In fact, the lower part of the Bellep 18 is designed as a pipe organ motif.
The speaker end of the Bellapar 18 was getting thinner as it went down, and a thick metal base was used for the bottom contact.
This design prevents vibration from going to the bottom, so you do not have to do spike or soundproofing separately.

What stands out most in terms of design with the speaker end is the wooden cover.
Sophisticated 19 pieces of high-quality wood are placed on the front of the speakers to accentuate the unique natural feel of Scandinavian design.

With Acoustic Lens Technology, which delivers 180 degrees of horizontal sound, the listener who is far away from the speakers can hear pure and pure music regardless of their location.

‘Immaculate Wireless Sound’ product series, which means ‘seamlessly clean wireless sound’, is the first speaker in the world to adopt WiSA (Wireless Speaker and Audio) certification technology.

Passion for art and technology
Bang & Olufsen’s tone-master Geoff Martin, a sound designer and enthusiastic musician, has perfected BeoLab 18’s fine tuning with its unique artistic sensibility and technical precision.


Best of Innovation 2014
BeoLab 18 is the winner of the prestigious ‘CES Best of Innovation 2014’ ‘High Performance Home Multimedia Device’ category.

New Icon
BeoLab 8000 is the most popular speaker in Bang & Olufsen history. BeoLab 18 was created in 1992 through a modern interpretation of design.

New levels of wireless performance
Wireless technology has finally reached Bang & Olufsen’s stringent standards for a complete audio environment.

A hidden masterpiece
Behind BeoLab 18’s slick appearance is cutting-edge engineering technology.

Nordic unique craftsmanship
BeoLab 18 was born with a firm belief in the most stringent and demanding craftsmanship and engineering standards.

Concentrate on details
The conical design at the bottom of the BeoLab 18 is made by precision machining of aluminum tubes.

Rediscovery of trees
Wood has been used as an important material for Nordic architecture and furniture design, and modern interest in how to use new and innovative trees is more hot than ever.

Unmatched surround sound
Emphasize the symbolic shape of the loudspeaker with excellent wireless sound performance, total placement flexibility and carefully selected materials.

Lens in focus
The acoustic lens uniformly spreads out the room with the optimal sound quality 180 degrees horizontal arc.
When you turn on BeoLab 18, the lens is beautifully made of aluminum and the lens is further highlighted with subtle green light.

New highlights of wireless performance
Wireless technology meets the stringent standards demanded by Bang & Olufsen to provide a true audio experience.
The BeoLab 18 wireless setup offers the extraordinary flexibility and freedom to deliver breakthrough multi-channel wireless audio throughout your room with just one power cable for each speaker.
BeoLab 18’s sound adaptive switch allows you to adjust and optimize acoustic performance according to the position of the loudspeaker.
So you can deploy anywhere and get the best possible experience.

Designed to visualize the music from the speakers, the smooth wood plank is a masterpiece of technological engineering.

The production of BeoLab 18 was made possible by a firm vision of the most stringent craftsmanship and engineering standards.
Wood has always been an important aspect of Nordic architecture and furniture design, and today’s interest in new and innovative ways of using it has never increased.

Responding to the original situation
Inspired by legendary BeoLab 8000 speakers, BeoLab 18 delivers classical silhouettes with new levels of performance and a new layer of design.
BeoLab 18 Speaker, BeoVision Avant, BeoSound Essence and BeoSound Moment can be combined with amazing wireless settings via BeoLink Multiroom.


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