BeoLab 19

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Product Name: Beolab 19

Product Description & Features:


A progressive wireless subwoofer featuring powerful, dynamic bass, giving you total flexibility in terms of placement.

A convincing cinema
The dodecahedron, the so-called Platonic solids, is a geometric form named after the ancient Greek philosopher Plato.
Generally, there are 12 faces, but designers stretch, stretch and cut the shape. The results are somehow familiar, but still surprising and new.

Depth of detail
Affecting BeoLab 19 is not original design.
All technical details are dedicated to capturing emotions at the lowest frequencies.

Regardless of where you place BeoLab 19, simply twist the position switch to spread the whole sound evenly throughout the room.

New wireless speaker platforms based on innovative WiSA technology bring wireless audio performance to a whole new level with unprecedented sound quality.
WiSA operates on a 5 GHz wireless U-NII frequency spectrum that is not affected by interference from existing wireless networks.
Combined with 24-bit uncompressed audio quality, the perception of wireless sound is fully redefined.
Immaculate Wireless Sound lets you find and connect to nearby WiSA-compliant TV or A / V receivers, whether or not BeoLab 19 is Bang & Olufsen, with just one power cable.
The ultimate sophistication
The sophistication of BeoLab 19’s incredible bass enhances the depth and mood of the cinema experience.

Depth of detail
The appeal of BeoLab 19 is not only its unique design. All the technical detail comes from Bang & Olufsen’s efforts to deliver vibrant tones at the lowest frequencies.

Perfect vision
All of the state-of-the-art wireless technology.

The formula of beauty
A geometric plane that shows various facial expressions and hues depending on the viewing angle.

A 12-sided planar solid is the fifth planar solid.
Geometricians have studied the mathematical beauty and balance of Plato’s stereotypes for thousands of years.
The term Plato solid is named after the ancient Greek philosopher Plato, who believed that the dodecahedron was what God used to plant the constellations of the universe.

Meet the designer Jakob Wagner
In 2006, the New York Museum of Contemporary Art decided to permanently hold Jakob Wagner’s first product with the permanent Bang & Olufsen Classic.


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