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Product Name: Beolab 20

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Launches wireless loudspeaker IWS (Immaculate Wireless Sound) products that stream Wi-Fi technology to stream 24-bit uncompressed high-quality sound using the 5.2 to 5.8 GHz frequency band to enjoy wireless convenience in loudspeakers .
Beolap 18, 17, 19 and 20 are Bang & Olufsen’s representative IWS products.

The latest model of the IWS product family, ‘BOWLAP 20’, inherited the design of BENORAP 9, the standard speaker of Bang & Olufsen designed with the lighthouse motif.
The combination of a gleaming body fabric and a metal head feels very stylish, and can be used endlessly as an interior object without restrictions on wiring.
Acoustic Lens Technology, which injects notes horizontally to create a sweet spot for all the places, and Adaptive Bass Linearization, which automatically adjusts the bass output. Help you to do.

“We are delighted to introduce Bang & Olufsen’s new wireless speaker products to high-profile Korean consumers,” said Lou Schreurs, senior vice president of research and development at Bang & Olufsen. “We are excited about the launch of this new product, which offers a complete home entertainment environment without any restrictions.”

Sophisticated power, elegant design
The powerful and sophisticated performance of BeoLab 20 was born with the best engineers and technology of active speaker design and digital sound engine.
The cone-shaped loudspeaker design reflects Bang & Olufsen’s eyes in form and function, accommodating subtle differences in sound.
BeoLab 20 is equipped with Immaculate Wireless Sound technology that conveys clear, clear sound without radio interference, giving customers the freedom to customize their room.

Maintain the value of luxury goods
The highlight of the BeoLab 20 is its acoustic lens.
Acoustic lens technology that horizontally injects sound at 180 degrees evenly spreads soft high-frequency sound evenly inside the room.
The acoustic lens maximizes the optimal sound field, allowing the listener to experience the perfect sound while moving freely.
This technology also minimizes the effects of floor and ceiling reflections, reducing unwanted distortion and enhancing the overall sound experience.
All details and nuances are delivered in perfect balance and natural form.

Perfect bass feast
The 18-liter interior of the BeoLab 20, two 160-watt Class D amplifier woofers, and a generous 10 “size make it a precise yet powerful bass.
Bang & Olufsen’s adaptive bass linearisation technology continues to monitor and adjust the bass line to create a high-density bass range without damaging the woofer, even when boosting the sound at full volume.
The manual position switch and Bang & Olufsen’s innovative interior adaptation technology optimize the speakers for their surroundings, maximizing the flexibility of speaker placement.

Corrected to the hearing of the person
BeoLab 20’s perfect sonic control capability is thanks to the sophisticated calibration technology of the digital engine created by Bang & Olufsen’s acoustic engineer Geoff Martin.
It has been elaborately designed to the last detail, including all the technology contained inside.
The powerful processing power of the BeoLab 20 digital audio engine is the key to luxury sound.
With digital technology, the equalization of each driver is precisely adjusted to dramatically improve the acoustic performance of the speaker.
All the parameters of the sound are analyzed by Bang & Olufsen sound designers and the best acoustic panoramas are unfolded.
The digital engine has an enormous amount of processing power and intelligently delivers the best potential performance every moment.
The excellent sound performance of BeoLab 20 reflects the vision of designer Torsten Valeur.

Sound-centered design
From the acoustic lens to the base of the conical cabinet, the BeoLab 20 is a perfect combination of form and function.
Cooling Grill The soft touch locker itself implies its original role.
The pearl base of the acoustic lens emphasizes the importance of contrasting with the high-gloss aluminum material of the lens.
The cleverly designed cabinet base gives the speaker a subtle floating feel.

Put the highest value on the pedestal.
BeoLab 20’s excellent glory is Acoustic Lens.
180 degree horizontal dispersion delivers smooth high frequency sound evenly throughout the space.
The Acoustic Lens maximizes the optimal sound field in front of the speaker, allowing listeners to move more freely while experiencing perfect sound.
This technology also improves the overall sound experience by minimizing the effects of floor and ceiling reflections, thereby reducing unwanted distortion.

Make perfect balance
Bang & Olufsen’s Adaptive Bass Linearisation continuously monitors and adapts bass to provide ultra-high bass without damaging the woofer when playing at full volume. To maximize placement flexibility, the speakers are optimized for immediate surroundings via manual position switches, enabling Bang & Olufsen’s innovative interior adaptation technology.

Unique power, elegant design
From iconic acoustic lenses to the bottom of a conical cabinet, BeoLab 20 seamlessly integrates shape and functionality.
The soft touch lacquer on the cooling grille implies its role calmly.
The pearl blast base of the acoustic lens emphasizes the importance of the unit in gently contrasting the high-gloss aluminum of the lens itself to deliver excellent sound throughout the room. Finally, the cleverly designed bass in the cabinet gives the speakers a subtle, floating expression.

Perfect combination
The ultimate TV should be accompanied by the best audio.

Bang & Olufsen TV already has a powerful center speaker. With four BeoLab 20s, you get a truly breathtaking surround experience.

It is a very flexible wireless loudspeaker with smooth high frequencies and ultra high intensity bass that can be placed anywhere in the room and has no visual or acoustical impact.


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