BeoLab 50

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Product Name: Beoplay 50
Product Description & Features:

Acquired the pedigree of the top product, adopts automatic sound field correction and variable tweeter
Drives seven drivers from a total of 2,100W power amplifiers

The flagship speaker of the company, “BeoLab 90,
The “Active Room Compensation” function, in which the external microphone measures the acoustic characteristics of the listening room to perform automatic correction, and the “Beam Width Control” function, which controls the diffusion of the tweeter by a mobile acoustic lens according to the viewing scene.

19mm tweeter × 1,100mm midrange × 3,250mm woofer × 3 A total of seven driver units are installed.
Powered by digital power amplifier with 300W total output power of 2,100W each.
If you turn on the power, the tweeter unit is automatically raised to the bottom.

The left and right enclosures are connected to the Digital Power Link or Wireless (Wireless Power Link / WiSA), the left channel is the master, and the right channel is the slave.

The main connection terminal is included in the left channel enclosure and has two analog audio input (RCA) digital audio input (coaxial, optical) and USB type B terminals.
Digital connection supports maximum PCM 192kHz / 24bit high resolution sound source playback.

Front (left) and back (right) of the BeoLab 50. A total of seven driver units are installed.


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