BeoRemote One

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Product Name: BeoRemote One

Product Description & Features:

Implementing both Bluetooth and IR technology gives you complete control over your new Bang & Olufsen product.
Designed for SMART TV functionality, easy and context-sensitive one-touch operation and keypad customization.
The new user will eventually meet all the necessary remote controls in one intuitive unit.
Because BeoRemote One’s buttons are placed with great care in user patterns, the most commonly used commands are grouped together and close to your fingertips.
The visible markers on some buttons guide your fingers to the correct function, so you do not even have to take your eyes off the screen.
Four programmable MyButton lets you revisit your favorite TV channel or custom speaker settings with a single touch. It’s your remote.
Controls all Bang & Olufsen products, both new and classic, using both Bluetooth and IR commands.
Bluetooth is only available on compatible products.
It is a bidirectional remote control that gives you complete control over all your products and provides valuable source information to OLED displays.
Information such as the source name, speaker group, or subtitle options automatically appears as if the TV’s menus, settings, and sources are immediately available on BeoRemote One.
There should be no obstruction on the aluminum body with your fingertips.
Available in two surfaces: high gloss and soft matte.

Designed to create a perfect balance of weight to ensure optimal ergonomic use.
A subtle curve can be easily gripped by lifting the terminal slightly from the surface.


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