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Product Name: Beosound 2
Product Description & Features:


BeSound 2 is a new product from the luxury line ‘Bang & Olufsen’, a sibling of ‘BeSound 1’, which was just released.

The conical appearance is very similar, but the size is about 30% larger overall, and the midrange and high-end sounds are much richer.

I was born for the newlyweds and self-decorating families who want to use the audio as an interior object in a relatively small residential space with the aim of music lifestyle.

One color is silver.


Designed by Danish industrial designer Torsten Valuer, who created many of the luxury models of Bang & Olufsen.

Durable anodized aluminum material is used in the cabinet for strong external shock,

It boasts luxurious and subtle gloss.

The size is 20cm in width, 43cm in length, and 4.1kg in weight.

You can easily move to the place where you want to emphasize the interior of the house such as table and floor by holding the grooved portion at the top of the speaker.


Sound performance has been upgraded more than Beowulf sound 1.
With the addition of full range and tweeter, midrange and treble range became much richer.

It is equipped with a 3/4-inch tweeter, a 2-inch midrange, and a speaker driver consisting of a 5 and a 1/4-inch base.

Equipped with a 15W tweeter, two 15W midrange, two 30W woofers, and a Class D amplifier, it achieves a total output of 105W.


This is due to the harmonious application of advanced acoustic technology with loudspeakers to the practical operation of portable speakers.


Acoustic Lens Technology, applied to Bang & Olufsen’s luxury speakers, is mounted at the top of the speaker, delivering the sound in a 360 degree direction, consistently and horizontally regardless of the listener’s position.

The ‘Adaptive Bass Linearization’

If the volume suddenly increases during use, the bass output is automatically reduced to prevent distortion of the sound.

In addition, the ‘Thermal Protection’ function allows you to adjust the temperature yourself

Prevents damage to the driver due to overheating of the amplifier.


Its simple operation is as simple as a cone-shaped design.
Speaker You can adjust the volume and move the track by simply tapping, rubbing and turning the top touch wheel.

An integrated proximity sensor built into the speaker automatically grasps the user’s position and allows the touch wheel operation to be handled conveniently from anywhere.


Being able to enjoy music in wireless environment is also a feature of Bee Sound 2.
‘BeoLink Multiroom’ allows you to connect and control all your Bang & Olufsen audio equipments in a wireless environment with one touch
BeoRemote One remote control and BeoMusic app.

Also paired with ‘BeoSound Essence’, a one-touch sound system.

If it is difficult to implement the wireless environment, it can be wired to various devices through the line-in terminal located on the bottom of the speaker.

Those who enjoy music often use music service through smart devices such as mobile.
The new products support streaming formats such as Airplay, Google Cast, and Bluetooth, and streaming services such as sporty pie, dessert, and tune-in Internet radio are also available.


Beo Sound 2 will make your beautiful home a place where you want to live more with rich music.

BeoSound 2 is an integrated approach to a robust wireless speaker room-filling 360 degree sound performance system, robust yet unobtrusive aluminum design profile, sporty pie, Deezer, QPlay and tune-in. Bang & Olufsen Bang & Olufsen) One wireless system in your home.


BeoSound 2 supports all your preferred wireless technologies: Bluetooth, Airplay, Google Cast and DLNA.
Easy and fast setup – Bluetooth and Google Transfer, Airplay and DLNA and free all the preferred streaming technology support for Bang & Olufsen applications.
Integrated MUSIC
Sporty Pie, Deezer, QPlay and Internet Radio Tune-in provides access to thousands of songs from millions of unified access radio stations.
Your unified Bang & Olufsen multi-room and B & O’s PLAY products can play other music in the other room or stream the same sound throughout your home.
No matter what you install the sound experience is the same; Immersive and sophisticated but the level of ability to leave you with detail and breath.
Intuitive CONTROL
Tab, swipe back! All basic music commands allow you to control the product directly so that you can hang up while enjoying the sound.

goosebump Fills the entire room with the sound of the guide. The raw yet stylish power output from BeoSound 2 goes right inside the music.
Universal connection
BeoSound attractive works recommendation; Installation, connection convenience and speed.
And the choice of connecting with Bluetooth, Airplay, Spotify, Google Transfer or available DLNA is all up by default.

Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
Bang & Olufsen’s penetration experience Bang & Olufsen apps can be played directly from your favorite music apps via Bluetooth or WIFI

Integrated music service
Sporty Pie, Deezer, QPlay, and Tune-in all integrate quick and convenient playlists and access to thousands of songs from millions of songs and radio shows – and you do not even have to take out your phone or tablet to start playing.

Because the streaming service is integrated into BeoSound 2, it has the added benefit of preserving battery life on mobile devices because speakers stream directly from the cloud.
You can continue to use your phone, text and games, and your cell phone without interrupting your music.

Expansion to connection room and anomalies and speakers
Multi-room technology allows you to connect Bang & Olufsen seamless wireless systems and B & O’s PLAY products. A simple tap at the top of BeoSound 2 allows you to automatically start or join a music experience.

You can play other music in the other room or make the same sound throughout your home.
You can use Bang & Olufsen (Bang & Olufsen) to send sound to your TV in another room or use your TV and speakers to listen to music – set up your TV.

360 degree acoustic perfect
360 degrees of sound completely deviated. No matter what the speakers are placed, no matter where you are placed, the sound will be sophisticated and accurate – you will experience it.

Acoustic lens technology, reducing reflections from the floor and ceiling spread high frequencies around the horizontal room, so sound performance remains intact – always ideal

Monitor and adapt to amplifiers and driver units with calibrated sound excessive peaks Base linearization Harness surplus capability gives you more bass.

– Acoustic lens technology
Playback under a 3/4-inch tweeter reflector, the spherical sound profile results in the width of the opening between the top and bottom of the tweeter speaker arrangement.

Sound Spectrum –
Two 2-inch midrange drivers provide music with greater sound spectrum and more detail.

Bass Driver –
And a uniformly spreading sound across the room – the 5¼-inch bass driver is placed upside down to take full advantage of the cabinet’s capacity.


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