BeoPlay H6 Black Red

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Product Name: Beoplay H6 Black Red
Product Description & Features:
O’Brien’s Portable Speaker line reflects the needs of those who want to enjoy the premium sounds of Bang & Olufsen only during the outdoor activities as well as indoors.
It was launched 27 years after the launch of Form2 (Form2).


H6 ‘Agavebe Green’ is both unique and luxurious.
The lightness that can be felt only in the deep green color rather than the lively green lightness is the elegance that can not be easily found in the universal headphone.
Unlike Foam 2, an open-type headphone, the Beeplay H6 uses a closed-type ear cup that completely covers the ear.
General closed type headphones tend to be very stuffy, but Beeplay H6 is designed to be comfortable to wear depending on the shape and bend of the ear.
The headphone line can be disconnected, so you can connect the player in the right or left handed way, which is great for pairing headphones.

The Beowulf H6 Limited Edition ‘Bronze De Hazel’, a hot item for the FW season in 2014, is a perfect match for winter fashion accessories because it combines dark brown leather in warm colors with metal in orange tones.
It is a product of Nordic design that fits neatly with the FW season fashion color which wears mainly dark outer.
The Danish luxury home entertainment brand Bang & Olufsen is always trying to give the best experience to its users.

Beanplay H6 (Beoplay H6), a luxury headphone launched in 27 years after the release of Bang & Olufsen Form 2 (Form2). The Beeplay H6 was born after a detailed study of Banyan Olufsen about the shape of the human ear, the bend, and the direction of the sound.
The Beeplay H6 is packed with Bn & O ‘s craftsmanship that considers both user, technology and design.
Unlike Foam 2, an open-type headphone, the Beeplay H6 uses a closed-type ear cup that completely covers the ear.
In general, closed-type headphones can easily become uncomfortable when the wearing time is long, but the Beeplay H6 boasts a comfortable fit that is designed considering human ears.
You can hook up your player to the right or left side of the line by using a detachable headphone line.

A pair of headphones with a superb combination of fine leather and aluminum, the Beeplay H6 bronze de haze.
Premium over ear headphones, stylish and sophisticated.
It is the core of our headphone portfolio. Carefully crafted and tuned to provide a great sound experience, this music companion is a lifelong music companion.
The Beoplay H6 is made of incredible material and gives absolute pleasure.
You would never want to take them off.

Bass: Bass and treble performance is well balanced. There is a subtle or unnecessary midrange.

Driver: Customized 40mm driver with brass port to ensure advanced bass performance.

Comfort: The ear cushions are fitted to the ears with the proper pressure so you can feel luxurious comfort and get the best authentic sound.


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