BeoPlay E6 Sand

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🎧 Product Name: BeoPlay E6 Sand 🎧

📝 Product description and features:

Wireless in-ear earphones for active lifestyle

Feel the freedom of E6

Wireless Bang & Olufsen Signature Sound
Playable during charging
Up to 5 hours of play
🎨 Rich Wireless Bang & Olufson Signature Sound

The Beoplay E6 is a combination of precisely tuned sound and ergonomic design from the Bang & Olufsen Sound Engineers, offering the highest level of rich bass that Bang & Olufson Signature Sound offers

편안 Comfortable and safe to wear every day

The better the fit, the better the sound. The ergonomic design and customized ear fins provide a perfect companion in any environment with a stable, comfortable fit on the go. Four pairs of ear pins, four pairs of ear tips, and a complement tip are included to suit individual ears.

A machined aluminum plate mounted on the earphone housing surrounds the laser etched logo.

The cord is molded directly into the rubber of the earpiece to prevent dust and sweat from interfering with the electronics. The housing is made of textured rubber and polymer and is resistant to sweat and moisture as well as wear.

🔶 Lightweight but durable material

The housing of the earphone is made of rubber and polymer material that is resistant to sweat and moisture as well as abrasion of the groove. Inspired by the sneakers, the connecting cables are surrounded by braided fibers, providing excellent durability, easy cleaning and a stylish design.

The anodized aluminum remote control uses three buttons and a built-in microphone to control music, receive calls, and activate Siri or Google Assist. It does not damage the sound quality by installing Bluetooth 4.2 equipped with ACC codec

Magnets are built into each earpiece for easy wear and quick use, so you can hang your neck comfortably when not in use.

Also, if both earpiece magnets are attached, earphone power will be automatically cut off, which can reduce battery loss

Charging and listening to music at the same time. A new snap-on charging feature that allows you to recharge while you are using it lets you enjoy your music while you’re charging, without worrying that the battery is draining. It can be used for up to 5 hours on a single charge, and can be charged via the exclusive Beoplay E6 charging cable (chargeable on the go – take advantage of early morning hours with up to 5 hours of battery power). It also gives you the ability to charge while you’re using it, so you do not have to miss your music anywhere.)

Choose from the current status of working in a beeping app, working or resting, and have an intuitive interface with B & O Play Tone Touch to adjust the tone for each mood.

And if you’re an iPhone user, you can do it anytime, anywhere with Apple Watch.

📐 Size:

Earpiece: 22.2 x 26.3 x 47 mm
Cable: 520 mm
⚓ Weight:

Earphone: 21 g
Charging dongle: 13g
✍️ Designer:

Jakob Wagner

🔊 Frequency range:


🔋 Battery:

2 x 60 mAh
Up to 5 hours of play time with medium volume
📳 Bluetooth:

Bluetooth 4.2,

AAC codec

🖌️ Configuration:

Beoplay E6 wireless earphone
Silicon ear tips
Silicone ear fin
Cable clip
Quick Start Guide
USB-A to snap-on charge cable

💥 Service Warranty Period Free of charge 2 years (only when battery or external distortion or consumer fault is judged to be free)

However, consumer error will be charged within the warranty period.

Failure due to disconnection and external force Functional error (remote controller malfunction, unit malfunction)

✅ exchange

If the defective product is within 14 days of purchase date, the entire package will be replaced.

✅ Return

In case of return by simple remorse, please return it within 7 days of purchase date.

Due to the nature of the online transaction, not the face-to-face transaction, the product’s packaging is opened, damaged or lost due to the consumer protection laws and online shopping mall regulations for the interests of consumers and sellers. We will inform you in advance.

✅ Repair (A / S)

We can provide written A / S for our products.

(Please inquire at the local B & O store or in-flight duty-free shop.) For initial failure, we will test the product after collection and exchange or refund. In addition, it may cause product contamination or water damage caused by user negligence,

If the components are lost or damaged, we will pay for the repair after checking the product.

Replace earphone: 80% of sales base price in case of appearance damage

Product repairs: Within 2 years from date of purchase, free repair,

Damage caused by external force is treated as an expense, and repairs may not be possible.

Compensation for customer payment

🚨 Not Returned or Replaced Notes 🚨

– I tried using the product, but it is not the product I wanted.

– The product works well, but I can not use it in the specific space or place that I want to use.

– It’s hard to use because it is different from the sound quality I thought.

– The size and fit of the product is not suitable for me.

– The Bluetooth connection is lost in a certain place.

– It is not compatible with the program I was going to use.

– I do not like seeing it directly after opening.


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